The debut album from Melbournes own Goldminds!

A powerhouse of energy, channelling the grit and sweat of 70’s punk rock, Goldminds is a meeting of experience and exposure.

A Melbourne four-piece shooting straight from the hip, Goldminds waste no time in conjuring their own breed of formidable chaos. Drawing power from her femme consciousness, singer Courtney Constantinou is unapologetic, lawless and commanding, delivering her message with finesse and fury. Born not with a silver spoon in their mouth but a hot knife in their hand, Goldminds have been ‘kicking up the dirt’ from floors in loungerooms, dive bars and iconic music venues across the city since 2019. With the arrival of COVID-19 stopping the rock n roll industry in its tracks, the band have been circling their cages like hungry lions waiting for their next meal.

The bite of blistering guitars, monstrous grooves and gunfire rhythms lay the foundation for mammoth live shows that grip the attention of audiences. Dig your heels in and you might have time to wrap your hand around the chain of this beast – until its head snaps back and you come face to face with its howling soul. Whether you found your way here by direction or destiny, the best you can do is hand yourself over to the frenzy of limbs and spit - and hope that whatever (or whoever) you hit has a forgiving edge. The band’s first offering is their debut album ‘Signals,’ and it is as raw and authentic as they come. Recorded in the back alleys of St Kilda at Hothouse Studios with Jez Giddings and acclaimed producer Michael Badger, the album packs a punch as it offers a taste of what can be experienced live.


Side A

  • The spirit knows
  • Deadwood
  • Till the end
  • Don't waste your time

Side B

  • Ode to woman
  • Nobody wants you
  • Anxiety
  • On my mind
  • Warm feeling