LED ZEPPELIN - IV - VINYL LP - Wah Wah Records

Led Zeppelin's fourth album- know as 'Led Zeppelin IV' (4) released in 1971- well its still blowing people away regardless of wether you've heard it before. Produced by Jimmy Page, it's lyrically their best album for me with Plant taking us to never before seen lands and also ones we know but have never been to- it's pretty far out- not just all about 'Stairway to heaven'- which of course is fucking amazing. But tunes like 'When the levee breaks' really make this the album it is for mine- do yourself a favour-needs to be in your collection!


Side A

  • Black dog
  • Rock n roll
  • The battle of evermore
  • Stairway to heaven

Side B

  • Misty mountain top
  • Four sticks
  • Going to California
  • When the levee breaks