THE WHO - ODDS & SODS - 2LP VINYL (1x Red & 1x Yellow) - RSD 2020

One of the very first ‘rarities’ collections, released to try and defeat the bootleggers, the original 11-track album was released in 1974. This reissue includes the original album on disc one and adds 14 bonus tracks – B-sides, rarities & extras on disc two, ‘Odds & Sods Too’ – to create a definitive, 25-track double LP.

Pressed on red (LP1) and yellow (LP2) vinyl. Includes Pete Townshend’s original track annotation.


Side A 

  • Postcard
  • Now I'm A Farmer
  • Put The Money Down
  • Little Billy
  • Too Much Of Anything
  • Glow Girl

Side B

  • Pure And Easy
  • Faith In Something Bigger
  • I'm The Face
  • Naked Eye
  • Long Live Rock

Side C

  • Zoot Suit (remix with fade)
  • Here Tis (only previously released on 30 Years… box set)
  • Leaving Here (from ‘Pye’ acetate)
  • Baby Don’t You Do It (from ‘Pye’ acetate)
  • Young Man Blues (alternate studio version, included on 1998 CD)
  • Dogs Part Two (B-side, the single mix; included on Tommy SDE)
  • Here For More (B-side single mix)
  • The Seeker (long unedited version; unreleased)

Side D

  • Heaven And Hell (B-side single mix)
  • Don’t Know Myself (B-side single mix)
  • When I Was A Boy (B-side single mix)
  • Waspman (B-side single mix)
  • We Close Tonight (included on 1998 CD)
  • Water (B-side single mix)